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"[The] nimble cast dove into the narrative with stylized aplomb, tying in earlier nuggets of information and leaving no MacGuffin unturned."
- Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune
"Hitch*Cocktails is an exceptional genre improvised comedy and only gets better as each cast member’s wits are tested as the show progresses, both by their peers and their drinking tolerance."
- Kiley Peters, Life's A Funny Scene
"With the tagline, 'Action so tense, you'll have to get tight,' how can you go wrong?"
- Marc Muszynski, Choose Chicago
"Using only the contents of an on-stage hat rack, the occasional fake weapon, and a quintessential mini-bar, the troupe concocted distinct identities, ranging from panicky, bouffant-donning housewives to slick and suspicious side-burn wearing criminals."
- Laura Boton, Sine Qua Non
"...the show's appeal lies in the chemistry of the ensemble and a loose and easy approach that adheres just enough to the format — arch performances, high drama — to keep this thing from spinning out amid the quippy, raucous clowning around that tends to feel all the more remarkable when improvised out of thin air."
- Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune


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