An Improvised Thriller And Drinking Game

Come see Hitch*Cocktails at the Annoyance Theater in Chicago!

  • Full-length improvised thriller!
  • Drinking game for the audience!
  • New show every week!

Tell us what you are afraid of, and the improvisers of Hitch*Cocktails will create an exciting suspense thriller in the style of Alfred Hitchcock, right before your eyes... while drinking real alcohol onstage. It's difficult to keep track of the twist and turns in a Hitchcockian plot, especially when you can't walk a straight line.

Join in on the fun by playing along with the built-in drinking game!

Fridays at 10:00pm!

Looking for unique entertainment at your next event or private party? We're available!

Hitch*Cocktails has performed at wedding rehearsal dinners, murder mystery dinner events, and private shows at the Univeristy Club of Chicago, both improvised and scripted! We'd love to work with you!

(Hitch*Cocktails is all about classy consumption. We drink playfully but safely. We do not endorse the abuse of alcohol.)

Friday Nights

Annoyance Theater
851 W. Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL

Box Office: (773) 561-4665

Hitch*Cocktails named Best of Chicago 2015 & 2016!